Mawson History
1882 The Mawsons of Yorkshire

Margaret and Robert Mawson

Robert Mawson and Margaret Ann (nee Moor) married in 1879. They met while Robert was on a holiday in the Isle of Man, where Margaret lived. Her home town of Douglas gave its name to young Douglas, their son, born on 5 May 1882, in Shipley, Yorkshire, England.

That same year Robert's inheritance enabled him and Margaret to begin planning their departure from England to Australia. However this meant selling the family farm near the Harewood estate.  

The clipper Ellora was the ship which took the Mawson family to Australia, and family anecdote has it that the two year old Douglas was often found trying to climb up to the ship’s sails. He was rescued by the crew.

The family settled in New South Wales, where both the Mawson boys were educated.

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